What is REIHunter?

REIHunter is a tool designed for real estate investors to help them search, find, and acquire investor-grade real estate.

Search and Sort By:

  • Potential Equity
  • Price per Square Ft
  • GRM - Gross Rent Multiplier
  • GIM - Gross Income Multiplier
  • Capitalization Rate

Speed Offers

  • Submit offers on properties in a matter of minutes
  • Offer contracts automatically created and routed to your realtor
  • Fast contract signing using E-Sign technology
  • Contract defaults saved in your profile for future use

See the Demo

How to search for properties using REIHunter

How to create offers for properties using the REIHunter Speed Offer Machine

Where we get our data

ReiHunter relies on data from several different sources including:
Texas A&M University GeoServices
Google Maps